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The Importance of Self-Care

Written by Jasmyn Kaushal


The COVID-19 pandemic has engulfed our world in a state of isolation. Our proms, graduations, club meetings, movie nights, and study sessions have been forced to go virtual. Often, we are left feeling unfulfilled after an online meeting with friends. We don’t feel the same warmth as we did when we could embrace them in person. Because of the virus, we’ve had to make numerous sacrifices for the well-being of others. Relationships have been strained and friendships have been tested. Additionally, COVID-19 has taken more than our in-person interactions. Lives are lost at horrifically high levels. Millions of people are passing all over the world. The news brings more and more terrifying updates that cause stress, anxiety, grief, and sadness. In order for a healthy observer to truly stay sane during this depressing, isolating, and dangerous time, self-care must be practiced.

What is Self-Care?

Self-Care is defined as “The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s health” (Oxford Languages). While this definition is valid, self-care is a layered concept, and it is subjective to the person practicing. In order for a task or practice to classify as self-care, it must be enjoyable to the person completing it.

Why Does This Matter?

In the past, self-care was seen as an egotistical and pointless act. However, our recent situation has proved self-care to be necessary and rewarding. A pandemic and momentous political uproar has taken a toll on the well-being of many. Bad news has infected every channel and heartbreaking headlines curse our explore pages daily. Self-care allows a person to detox from these upsetting events and subconsciously relax. Caring for our minds and bodies does not only replenish our relaxation, it keeps us physically and mentally healthy.

How Can I Practice Self-Care?

Self-care is subjective, so the manner in which you practice is up to you! Some people enjoy reconnecting with themselves by pampering. Warm baths, face masks, lotions, and candles are often utilized to mirror a relaxing spa day. Others prefer to reflect by writing in a journal or taking time to meditate. Many people enjoy exercising their hobbies, whether it is spending time with family, going out, staying in, or working out, it is all self-care. Remember, your body and mind compose your character, and self-care will help you preserve them.


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