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How To Deal With Strong Emotions

Written by Sunny Yuan

Though considered to be negative, strong emotions like anger, sadness, fear, and stress are completely normal and inevitable. We all experience them due to various life situations at times. However, dealing with these emotions is undoubtedly challenging and uncomfortable, and as these emotions can cause harmful repercussions on yourself and others around you, it is important to know that there are ways to cope with these emotions in a healthy way.

  1. First, it is crucial to understand that your feelings are valid. You should not try to suppress and bottle up your emotions inside because you are ashamed of them. Strong emotions need to be expressed eventually, and constantly telling yourself “I cannot be angry” or “I shouldn’t be sad” is not helpful. Sometimes, it is important to just allow yourself some time to cry if you are feeling sad or distressed. Not allowing yourself to express strong emotions often leads to even more problems.

  2. Writing - When overwhelmed by intense emotions, writing can be a great method for processing what you are feeling. It helps you to precisely identify and understand your feelings, which is the first step to being able to resolve them. Next time you are feeling anxious, fearful, sad, or angry, consider writing out everything you feel and what is causing you to feel that way.

  3. Take a walk or go on a run - these are just two examples of physical activity that can help you cope with intense emotions. Physical activity can help you release part of those distressing emotions.

  4. Practice an instrument - releasing your emotions through making music is also a great coping strategy. It gives you something to focus on and can be a place for you to channel strong emotions.

These are some coping strategies that you can try to apply when dealing with strong emotions. Everyone is different, so certain strategies may work better than others for different people. It is important to find what works best for you and your mental health.


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