MonuMental has had previous success with events such as The March for MonuMental, and will continue with future events to raise awareness for mental health!


MonuMental uses social media heavily to be able to reach out to teenagers in the community as we understand how influential social media is in teenage lives. MonuMental creates Instagram posts often as posts go up almost daily with a purpose. Examples include "Self Care Sundays" and "MonuMental Mondays", where we promote the betterment of mental health.

In addition to social media, MonuMental discusses mental health on the local blog that is located here on the website. Within the blog there are articles created by our very own MonuMental members, and "Share Your Stories" where teens describe their experiences in relation to mental health.

Young People - Meeting With Computers


MonuMental has a wonderful blog present within the website that is updated weekly. The blog consists of articles created by our very own MonuMental members. Every articles has an important message, whether it depicts a personal experience of someones, or discusses a mental health issue. Members create articles monthly to be showcased on the blog and discuss mental health topics.


MonuMental uses instagram and blog posts as its main contributors in spreading mental health awareness due to how often the teenagers use social media. Creating articles and instagram posts for MonuMental not only brings more awareness to the topic of mental health, but it provides students with the opportunity to earn service hours which are needed to graduate from High School.

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