Students across the nation struggle with managing their mental health with the COVID-19 pandemic only intensifying this issue. Many students feel uncomfortable confiding in school counselors and other adults. This becomes problematic when schools are faced with cuts regarding budget cuts, which makes it more difficult to invest in more mental health resources, guidance counselors, and more!.  As a result, some students have been left to deal with serious mental health difficulties such as depression and anxiety, and even as far as serious mental illnesses with little to no support. We recognize there is a lack of access to resources and many misconceptions about mental health in Howard County. Our role is to encourage teenagers, adults, and others to get help from mental health professionals and guidance counselors. By providing the resources and information students need, we hope to normalize the topic of mental health in our community while educating others!

MonuMental will work closely with teenagers to develop outreach material and help destigmatize mental health throughout Howard County. In order to execute this plan, MonuMental will create original posts , publish student-written educational material, and host quarterly Zoom Meetings. Students, teachers, and residents of Howard County can share their own experiences, provide guidance, and attend the Zoom Meetings free of charge. MonuMental continues to work towards our goal of providing free support and a safe, relatable space for all teens across the nation!