MonuMental is a group of student leaders determined to raise awareness for mental health issues in teenagers. Listed below will be testimonials that demonstrate the qualifications and importance of having MonuMental in the community.


MonuMental is a much needed organization to help students work through their mental health struggles. In today’s world of high pressure academics, the COVID-19 pandemic, and other factors, teens need to take care of themselves. As someone who offered a little guidance at the start of MonuMental’s founding, I know that the student leaders are dedicate and passionate about their mission. This is a great outlet for teens to reach out and ask for help and to find resources for their own self-care. I hope everyone, whether you think you need help or not, keeps up with MonuMental via social media and uses them as a resource for preventive care and when you do need them.


MonuMental was a community service project designed and development by seven members of the Leadership U Class of 2020.  These amazing student leaders had decided they wanted to tackle teen mental health.   With guidance from their mentor, Ralph Massella, they decided to pursue two tracks for their project.  One was to create an Instagram Page to share inspirational and accurate mental health information. The second track was to raise money to help Our Minds Matter with resources for HCPSS high schools.  The MonuMental student team was an extremely productive and highly motivated team.  They set a very high bar for themselves and exceeded it every time.  I was so impressed with these teens.  Their posts on Instagram and Facebook were relatable, educational, helpful, and inspirational especially to me personally. 

 During the fall while these students were implementing their project, I was experiencing one of the most difficult mental and emotional times in my life.  My brother was gravely ill with cancer and complications from Covid-19.   It was a three-month roller coaster ride of tremendous highs and lows.  Ultimately, my brother made the brave decision to begin hospice and to leave this earth on his own terms.  He died Dec 21, a few weeks after the LU Class of 2020 graduated.  Each day (both then and now), I would look forward to reading the posts on MonuMental.  I especially enjoy the great advice on the Self Care Sundays and learning more on Mental Illness Tuesdays.  Their posts have such great ideas and have diminished the pain of my personal grief and has provided great coping mechanisms for me.  I am so proud that Kai-Lin wanted to continue to grow their community service project and help others who may be experiencing mental health challenges.  This is a great opportunity for other students to give back to our community!


If beings knew, as I know, the results of giving & sharing, they would not eat without having given…” Buddha I’ve had the honor to witness this group of teens incubate and develop this idea to positively impact Teen Mental Health. MonuMental is a teen led organization to support Teen Mental Health! Their Instagram presence as influencers is growing every day, they are truly living this Buddha quote!
Magic happens around us everyday, when a group gets together to support a neighbor, when you share a smile (eye smile) at a stranger before you let them go ahead of you in a grocery store line because they look like they are in a rush. Many times our attention is drawn to the constant barrage of information flowing through our devices, missing these simple opportunities to see outside our own concerns.  Our work, home, social settings even our most sacred places are invaded either from the flow or the residual self talk, chatter left in our heads like a spinning top it takes time to unwind. We all need self care at a minimum!
These teens know there is a need to contribute a value to their peers, that’s the magic, a place to go that’s safe for teens to get information about mental health and to share their stories to help others. This group inspires me, their example teaches us all as well as give us a peek into a bright future that doesn’t forget, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others “ Mahatma GandhiMonuMental is at the beginning of a great journey with your support their positive impact will contribute to all our Mental Health!


The teen leaders of MonuMental are passionate advocates for changing the culture and stigma around mental health! At Our Minds Matter (OMM) we believe in amplifying student voices and perspective so we can end teen suicide and promote teen well-being. It’s been a pleasure to work with the leaders at MonuMental to discuss how OMM can be a resource and a piece of the puzzle of addressing and prioritizing student mental health in Howard County. 

In the Winter of 2020, they fundraised $1,000 to help us prepare to offer OMM as a resource to all interested Howard County High Schools. We hope to start student-led Our Minds Matter chapters in all interested Howard County High Schools.


I am SO impressed with MonuMental! Wow, you and the team have done a superb job with this— activism, resources, community… all in such a positive tone. Congratulations on this meaningful initiative! I know it will only continue to grow, and to help many people struggling with these very common issues that for unfortunate and unnecessary reasons, are too often stigmatized in our society. Bravi!"