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How to Form Good Habits

Introduction: Good habits are something that last with you throughout your life. They will help you in work, with your family, and other activities. Thus, it is best that you establish and practice these habits early on. Here are some ways you can start building these habits.

Connect your habits:

The easiest way to build new habits is by tying it with something you already do. For example, if you have the habit of checking your phone right after you wake up, you can practice drinking a cup of water during that time. Another example would be practicing balancing one foot while you brush your teeth. By connecting a new habit to an old one, it makes it easier for you to remember and practice it.

Start small:

Starting off big with something takes a lot of energy and compromise, meaning that it will be difficult for you to continue it. Thus, taking small steps is the key to building healthy habits. For example, gradually lowering your screen time by 10 minutes every week can help you reach a goal of less screen time. Another example would be taking 10 minute walks everyday to start your fitness journey rather than starting off by going to the gym for 2 hours.

Continue this habit:

Now that you have established this new habit and have started doing it, you must try your best to do it everyday. It takes about 18-254 days for a habit to form, with the average time being 66 days. Thus, it is important that you do this activity consistently if you want to make it into a habit.

Reward yourself:

Some rewards that come with habits may come immediately, like fresh breath after brushing your teeth. Other rewards may take some time such as weight loss during an exercise journey. Despite what the outcome of your habits may be, it is important to reward yourself for doing these things. This may also encourage you to continue these activities and not give up. For example, listening to music while working out is a great way to make you feel happy and motivate you to work out.

Though it takes some time for habits to form, these are some good practices to help you along the way….

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