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Depressive Disorder: A Real-Life Account

Updated: Feb 10, 2021


Below is a real-life account of an individual struggling with their mental health. We at MonuMental hope that through reading this, others experiencing similar struggles will feel less alone and perhaps be motivated to get help if they can. You can join the movement and aide us in destigmatizing mental health by clicking the #ShareYourStory link at the top of this page.

A Real-Life Account:

"I struggle with many others with bad mental health days. Somedays, I am full of energy and want to go out with friends/family, exercise, do chores, etc. and then other days I can't even get out of bed because it's just too draining to me and I will spend all day crying. Sometimes, I am called lazy and often questioned by my family why I never come out my room, and I honestly can not tell them why because I don't even understand why myself. If I could put it in words, it's like you're running a marathon and you see the finish line from a distance, you get relieved and accomplished to be close to the end, then a glass wall is put up just three feet in front of the finish lane and you're stuck there just staring at the unfinished check point. For me, it's hard to reach out and I know many others are the same, I am grateful to have reliable friends/family I can openly talk about my mental health problems with but it just seems like I'll be a burden and I don't want to push anyone away. Truly, you do not know what others are going through so to whoever's reading this: I hope you are kind to everyone, and you use kinds words (even to your friends -you don't know how those words will affect them), be supportive and always let those around you know that you are there for them. Thank you."


Thank you for sharing your story!!💕 Please do remember that your emotions are completely valid, especially during these tough times. It is absolutely not a burden to seek help from the people close to you :) Contact us if you need anything. Don't underestimate yourself. Sending love 💓 Comment at the end of this page if you would like to show some support!

-Monumental Team

Are you also going through struggles and are in need of some support? Share Your Story in a safe, anonymous space by clicking the link below.


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