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National Psychotherapy Day

By: Prisha Tiwari

Psychotherapy is a type of therapy that helps people with numerous mental illnesses. The ultimate goal is to strengthen your mind, making you more conscious. It’s supposed to increase your levels of inner peace and internal satisfaction. It’s an incredibly helpful form of help to many, and needs to be talked about more.

The first National Psychotherapy Day was in 2012 to raise awareness and fight the stigma around therapy. You can help celebrate by wearing turquoise, help clear up misconceptions about psychotherapy, and talk about it to your friends, family, and people on social media.

For many centuries mental health hasn’t been taken as seriously as physical health, and has been brushed aside. People with mental health issues have often been judged, and although overtime people have started to acknowledge that this is wrong, the stigma still exists. It’s imperative to bring positive attention and normalize getting help, like taking psychotherapy. It can change the quality of your life, while keeping it confidential, just between the client and therapist. It’s for anyone who is struggling, and it’s not forever.

Many people are afraid to reach out for help and needlessly suffer in silence due to the fear of not being taken seriously, or because they think “it’s not that bad”. It’s up to everyone to support each other around them, and encourage each other to speak up when they’re not feeling okay. Therapy is still sometimes seen as for crazy people because of what is shown on TV, and everyone who participates in National Psychotherapy Day is here to help combat those harmful stereotypes.

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