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National Month of Hope

Written by Prisha Tiwari

Happy National Month of Hope! The month of April is dedicated to believing and being confident that everything will workout and that you can achieve anything you want.

This idea was founded by the non-profit organization, Mothers in Crisis. It’s a support group founded in 1991 by Rosalind Tompkins, and it advocates for people not to do drugs in communities. It also helps people face their addiction.

This month is about letting families suffering with addiction share their hardships and get help.

Even if you don’t face these problems, everyone should try practicing being hopeful this month. Studies show that people who are more hopeful are more motivated, adventurous, have a higher self worth, and most importantly are happier. Life is always going to be difficult, but holding on to that one strand of hope really lets you push through. Hope gives you the drive to achieve your goals and live life to the fullest, it keeps you from bathing in doubt that prevents you from reaching your full potential. Even after April is over, you shouldn’t stop believing in yourself and hoping for the best, because you can truly achieve it.


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