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National Color Therapy Month

Written by Caitlin Wheeler

What is National Color Therapy Month?

National Color Therapy Month takes place during the month of March and is designed to bring awareness to the use of colors as a form of therapy. Color therapy actually started millennia ago in ancient times, but we aren’t exactly sure how this was done. According to, “...since the body consists of heat and the visible spectrum of light, it can be treated with the same, to re-order and restore balance.” We have found many ways in modern life to use colors to improve our health. Different colors mean different things to different people, but wearing clothes with a color that makes you feel happy can actually improve your mood over time. Other activities that use a variety of colors can also help. Even painting your room a certain color can cause you to behave differently. There is also specific color therapy involving a therapist. says that in one of these sessions, “the therapist may use verbalization to get you to talk about how colors affect you and how they relate to aspects of your life.”

How Can I Observe National Color Therapy Month?

There are many different ways to observe this holiday month. You can try engaging your creativity by doing something artistic using colors; paint, draw, color, use clay, knit, make a craft…whatever you want. If you’re not the artistic type, don’t worry! There’s a lot of other options too. Go to your local park or walk around your neighborhood or even a store, looking for different colorful objects. Enjoy the huge variety of shades and hues around you. If you’re into food, you’re in luck, because we have a suggestion for you too! Try a food you’ve never had from each color of the rainbow. Or, if you’re not one for trying new things, pick your favorite foods from each color and plan a fun meal. Is fashion more your forte? Wear your favorite colors, or a color that represents a feeling you’d like to have. If you want to feel more confident, for example, try wearing a bold red. Are you into writing? Try writing a story centered around one or two colors. Or, write a journal entry about what different colors mean to you, or a memory you associate with each color. Are you a musical person? Listen to your favorite songs and think about what colors come to mind. If you have another idea not listed here, go for it! Color Therapy Month is for you to come up with whatever activities related to color will help you.


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