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International Day of Happiness

Written by Harini Sethuraman

What is International Happiness Day?

International Happiness Day is a day to just be happy! It may seem useless but it has much more great impacts to it. As people may think, everyone is not always happy, so this day is a reminder to just stay happy and do the things that make you happy. The United Nations has celebrated this day since 2013 and it has given great benefits. They say it is important to recognize happiness all around the world. They think it calls for a “a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes the happiness and well-being of all peoples.” On this day people will just celebrate being happy. They will share what the importance of happiness is and why they are happy. Schools will also have “happy projects” in which they will do fun projects that go towards another’s happiness. Throughout this day people just try to make others around them happy as well as themselves!

Why is International Happiness Day Important for Mental Health?

So, why is this important to your mental health? Well happiness itself makes your mental health clear up and makes you more relaxed. In fact the World Happiness Report from last year given by the United Nations states that the US is ranked the 16th happiest country in the world. Your mental health is always happy if your mind and body are happy and relaxed, so doing things that make you happy on this day is important because it benefits your mental health.

Tips to Stay Happy!

Here are some tips you can follow on International Happiness Day to make you happy as well as improve your mental health:

  1. Be Mindful: Ask yourself questions like “How am I feeling right now” or “Why is being happy important to me”? This will help you understand yourself better and make you feel relaxed and calm.

  2. Try calming yourself by listening to your favorite music or trying yoga. This will help you by relaxing you down and taking all your stress away from you.

  3. Be Grateful: Think about everything everyone has done for you and maybe even thank them for it. Thinking about your own luck will bring you happiness and seeing others happy that you appreciate them will make you more happy as well.

  4. Be kind to yourself and others around you: Talk to everyone around you and give them compliments. Making others happy will make your mental health relaxed and will make you happy as well. Do kind things throughout this day to shine light in others' distress. Make someone’s day happy as well as yours!

In conclusion, International Happiness Day is not just any day. It is a day dedicated to being happy. So take some time today to follow the tips and understand your mental health. Just for today, forget all your stress, leave it behind and think about how to make yourself more happy!


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