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How to Have a Good Start in Quarter 2

By: Anwita Sandesh


Quarter 1 may have been rough for many of us. Whether it is grades, time management, or a sport, you may not have performed as well as you wanted. But, every new quarter brings a new opportunity to start over and get back on your feet. So, here are some tips and tricks to start off right this new quarter. 

Time Management:

Most of us have many commitments outside of academics such as an instrument, sport, job, and many other things. But, it is hard to balance academic priorities and all these extracurriculars, which is what can lead to time management issues. So, here are some ways you can manage this. 

  1. Creating schedules.

Creating schedules can allow for you to know what you have to complete in a given amount of time and help you plan how you are going to do that. It is easier to put things down on a piece of paper or an online tool instead of having to rely on yourself to remember. It also avoids the chance of forgetting an important task or assignment.

  1. Identifying Priorities.

Deciding what is a priority at a given time is important. For example, let’s say you have a big chemistry test the next day that you have not studied for yet but you also have to practice your flute. In this case, your chemistry test is the bigger priority, thus you should direct more of your attention towards that activity. This does not mean you forget about practicing your flute, rather it means that you spend more time on studying chemistry than flute. That could be an hour of studying for chemistry and 15-20 minutes of practicing the flute.


We have all been stressed at least one time during the first quarter, whether it is good or bad stress. However, it is important to manage your stress as it has a negative effect on your health most of the time. It is important to have a little bit of good stress that can motivate you to achieve things, but not bad stress that leaves you worried about something.

  1. Don’t think about the results, put in the effort.

Many students have the issue of worrying about what they might get on a test. However, instead of worrying about the score, put in the needed time and effort that you need to feel confident on the concept of the test. Although a little worry can motivate you to work hard, too much worry will only decrease your confidence and make you stressed out. This stress can make you feel overwhelmed and hard to focus.

  1. Find ways to relax and take off time from work.

We all have an activity that makes us relax and cools us down. This could be meditation, yoga, or as mentioned earlier, extracurricular activities. It is important to take time off work for a little bit to relax and give yourself time to cool down. Otherwise you could feel stressed out and overwhelmed from just doing work.

These are some ways that you can try to improve your performance and feel better this quarter.

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