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How Listening to Music Affects your Mood

Your adolescent years are the toughest is what many people say and, it is, you are no longer a child but you aren't an adult. During these years you experience rapid change physically and mentally due to the shift in hormones . Many teens today feel stressed due to academics, changes, family, trauma, ect. A way teenagers cope today is with the help of music.

The benefits of Listening to Music

Listening to music can be used for entertainment, but for most of us it’s used to improve our wellbeing. Music plays a massive role in our emotions, it can make use feel happy, sad, stressed, mad, and many other emotions. Different types of music with different beats can make us feel a certain way, like when you listen to music that makes you feel happy your body is able releases dopamine. You know that feeling when you get chills while listening to a certain part of a song, that happens because dopamine being released. Also music plays a factor in our stress levels too, it can lower cortisol levels which is the stress hormone thats leads to how stressed one can be.

How can I Incorporate Music into my Life?

  • Make a playlist- simply having a music playlist of you enjoy is a great way to start off. For example you can add different types of music for a certain activity in your life, like having a a playlist for your workouts, homework, or maybe just for when you feel like you need listen to something

  • Learn how to play an instrument- learning how to play an instrument can help improve your memory when trying to remember the cords and notes needed. Even if you can’t quite get the perfect sound just yet, you are still engaging in music, you are creating it.

  • Go to a concert- concerts are always a fun new experience to involve yourself with other who listen to the same music you do and its always fun to things up close in person!


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