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Hourglass Syndrome

Written by Abeey Yonas

What is Hourglass Syndrome?

Hourglass syndrome, also known as stomach gripping, is a medical term used to describe the action of sucking in your stomach. This may occur due to purposefully holding this region in to appear more fit, although it could be because of other underlying conditions; the former will be discussed in this article. Specifically, this “syndrome” could be due to a negative body image; one with Hourglass syndrome may desire to look skinnier. It is more prevalent in young adults and adolescents and can cause both short and long-term problems. Examples of these include lower back pain, neck pain, and breathing problems.

How Can Hourglass Syndrome be Treated?

There are numerous ways this syndrome can be treated. Many forms of muscles movement techniques may be used, such as leg drops, scissor kicks, and the rocking plank. A physical therapist may also be consulted to alleviate the symptoms of Hourglass syndrome. Additionally, to address the negative body image that may cause the syndrome, psychological therapies, such as talking therapy or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) may be utilized for prevention.


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