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General Ways to Distress

Written By Niyati Singh

In today’s world working all day has become synonymous with productivity. But, in such a fast paced, and driven world we have somewhere dropped the idea of distressing. I think the main reason we have forgotten about it is because we don't know what it actually is or what it helps in or maybe how to do it. First, let's talk about what exactly it is. Distressing is a manner of releasing bodily or mental tension. If you want one word for it it will be unwinding.

Why is Unwinding Necessary?

  • Stress can lead to many physical conditions and some chronic diseases such as:- Headaches, High blood pressure, Heart disease, Asthma, Arthritis and a lot more.

  • It can affect your mental health too and lead to depression and anxiety.

  • It can make you lose control over your emotions.

  • Stress can affect our teeth and gums. Many of us grind our teeth in stress, ripping off enamel.

  • Often obesity or unconscious gaining of weight is connected with stress. Usually when a person is stressed the person tends to eat unconsciously. Not only this, our metabolism too suffers due to stress.

  • Premature aging is one of the major results of chronic stress amongst many others.

Now we talked about what unwinding is and its necessity, and under its necessity we talked about deadly problems that I’m sure no one would want to face. So now let’s talk about solutions. As we know not one size fits all, it's not necessary that all of these methods of unwinding will help everyone. But I am sure you all will find at least one that will suit you.

Ways to Distress!

  • Meditation-

As boring as it may sound. I can promise that it can have great benefits. You can always look up for 5-10 minutes meditation. I’ll leave some links that may come in handy. Meditation makes you one with yourself. It provides you with a moment where all you are thinking is nothing. It instills calmness into you. If you want some glow on your face. You know where to go now (:


  • Writing-

Stress causes havoc in our mind. Leading to blurry thinking. Thus it is important for us to express it to write it. Writing not only takes the weight off our heart but also provides us with clarity.

  • Moving Your Body-

Now I know most of us are confined in our house and that makes it much easier for us to lay on our bed with that comfy blanket on top. But moving our body helps in the release of dopamine that makes us happy.

  • Have a Mood Uplifting/ Relaxing Playlist-

There is no doubt that music can do wonders. But there are particular songs that we relate to particular emotions. I highly recommend having a playlist of songs that makes you happy. That helps you relax.

  • Sleep Like a Baby-

We as a generation have forgotten the importance of sleeping. Sleeping late also affects our mood and stress level. Therefore it is very important for us to sleep to take a rest.

  • Groove to Your Favorite Song-

This is a continuation from the third point. Dancing is a great stress reliever. Therefore when you feel stressed out. Play your favorite song on a high volume and dance without caring about anything. You don’t need to be perfect but just move yourself. If you love twirling then go twirl, if you like to jump, do it.

  • Plan It Out-

Most of the time we stress because we are not running on a plan. We as humans function the best when we plan. So sit down and draw a rough plan for yourself. It will provide you with a sense of control; perhaps that’s just what you need.

  • Remember After Darkness Comes the Light

Sometimes the situation around us makes us stressed. It is important that in these times we remember that this darkness won’t be here forever. So have faith and things will be good.

Hopefully, I was able to provide you with concrete solutions and I hope these ways will come in handy for you. Remember stress is not good in any way and therefore it's important to de-stress.


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