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Finding the Motivation to Work

By: Anwita Sandesh

Many of us may find it difficult to find the motivation to do something, whether that is school work or anything else. You might find yourself stressing over these incomplete things, especially if there is a deadline closing in on you. However, getting these tasks taken care of can feel like a load being lifted off your shoulders. So, here are some ways you can find the motivation to work and complete this work to your fullest.

  1. Setting small goals are taking small steps

It may feel demotivating to see something that you might not be able to complete at one go, such as a project or a fitness journey. So, instead of having one large goal on any given task, you should break it down to smaller, time based tasks. For example, you  may have a research project due at the end of the week. Rather than attempting to write the whole thing in 1 day, you should break it down into a couple of days. You could decide your topic on Monday, take on the research aspect on Tuesday, take Wednesday/Thursday writing the rough draft, and Friday/Saturday completing the final draft. This method can be adjusted based on the size, deadline, and intensity of a task. Creating these smaller goals makes it easier for you to complete your task and it seems less stressful, giving you the motivation to actually complete the task. The subsequent results of this newfound motivation to work and decreased stress can even help you achieve increased productivity/success. 

  1. Clearing out distractions 

There are many ways you can find yourself distracted while working on something. You are the one who knows what your distractions are and how you can avoid them. Thus, try to clear out these distractions as they are only going to make you feel less motivated to do your work. A common distraction many people have is their cell phone. You can avoid this distraction by putting your phone on silent and somewhere away from your workspace. Speaking of workspace, a quiet and calming environment is the best place to stay focused and do your work. This could be your bedroom or a designated study room. By clearing out any distractions and finding a nice place to work, your only center of attention will be your work, allowing you to have the motivation to complete this work. This can also help you be more productive and get more things done than you usually might.

  1. Taking Breaks

In order to be motivated to complete your work, you must know when to stop and take a break from working. Breaks are the cornerstone of a healthy workstyle. Working excessively can lead to being tired, stressed, and burned out. Thus, it is important for you to take regular breaks when you need them and use them as a way to cool down. This could be reading a book you're interested in, scrolling through your phone, or taking a walk outside. In fact, breaks are as key to accomplishing tasks as the work itself.

  1. Taking rest and staying healthy

Many of us, especially teens, may find themselves staying up till late hours in the night completing assignments or studying for tests. It is hard to complete work or pay attention without sufficient rest, thus it is important one gets a good night’s sleep. This can help you stay more productive/motivated, understand concepts easier, and get your work done faster. It is also important you are taking care of your mental and physical health. Getting enough sleep (as mentioned before), eating enough food, staying hydrated, and exercising are all important to your physical health. Doing things that make you happy, expressing how you feel, and letting someone know when you are not alright are all ways to maintain your mental health. Keeping your health intact not only lets you stay healthy, but also allows for you to excel in your work. It keeps you motivated and gives you the energy to complete your work.

These are just some of the ways you can help keep yourself motivated to do your work.

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