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Dealing With Family Pressures

Written by Prisha Tiwari

We all have felt pressure from our family, whether it’s for school, your career, or anything. It can be rough but there are some great ways to deal with them.

You should remember that you are good enough, don’t let the pressure break into your self-esteem. If you find yourself feeling insecure, try practicing some self love and self care. You can do this by positive self talk, writing stuff you like about yourself, talking to someone, and appreciating who you are. Make sure to set your own reasonable and achievable expectations for yourself. This is another great way to build your self worth by accomplishing things that you can.

Another thing you can do is try to understand where your parents are coming from. Try to understand that they just want you to be successful but if their standards are unreasonable you should talk to them.

When talking to them, be calm and don’t criticize them. Listen to what they are saying and then introduce your point of view, be honest on how you feel and how their expectations are stressing you out.

If after talking to them it still doesn’t work just remember it is your life and not theirs. Your parents are still very proud of you, and your sense of self-worth shouldn’t come from anyone but yourself. Understand and accept your thoughts and feelings.


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