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Yale’s Controversial Mental Health Policies

Written by Simone Alston

In recent months, Yale University has been sued by students who are dealing with mental health disabilities. Yale expelled students who exhibit severe signs of mental health disabilities. Students who are forcibly withdrawn from the school are banned from visiting all campus activities, including summer classes that allow students from other schools to be there. The lawsuit states that a student in this situation must be completely moved out of their dorm room within 48 hours and escorted by the police when leaving the campus. Yale University has demonstrated discrimination against students who are dealing with mental health disabilities. The school has shown that they do not want any part of helping their students' mental health improve. A former student of Yale University and one of the plaintiff’s of this lawsuit, Rishi Mirchandi has stated, “I think that Yale tends to wash its hands of cases of mental illness that are too severe because they don’t want to be associated with that student. They want the student to deal with their issues anywhere except Yale’s campus. And in some instances, taking time off is a healthy decision. In other cases, it separates students from their primary support group.” Since the lawsuit has been created, Yale has reviewed their withdrawal policies. However, nothing has changed in the policy for now as legal action still currently takes place.


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