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World Peace Meditation Day

Written by Srinidhi Gadiyaram

World Peace Meditation Day is observed on December 31 each year. The holiday is recognized on the last day of the year with the intention of starting a new year with peace among all people. The purpose of the holiday is to encourage people to accept the past year in peace and welcome the new year in harmony.

Our planet needs more peace in order to be a better place to live. As it is said, if you are at peace with yourself, it will be easier to build harmonious connections with others around you. Let's begin the new year in harmony as we begin the new day with a tranquil heart and mind.

On World Peace Meditation Day, you might meditate to become more alert by concentrating on things like self-control and personal development. On this day, spend some time relaxing and meditating without being distracted by anything outside. If you can locate your meditation spot, you can find peace at home.

So what are some benefits to meditation and your mental health?

  • Developing stress management techniques and self-awareness

  • Increases creativity and imagination

  • Better patience

  • Lowering the heart rate at rest

  • Maintaining the blood pressure at rest

  • Enhances the caliber of sleep

  • Gaining fresh insight into difficult circumstances

There are also many different types of meditation. Here are 2 of them: