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The Effect of the COVID Pandemic on Teen's Mental Health

Written by Harini Sethuraman

What Effects did the Pandemic Create on Teens?

The world pandemic, COVID-19, first appeared to the world in this month, December 2019. This month marks the start of a 4th year to this pandemic. The COVID pandemic created a disastrous effect on adolescents mental health. It caused depression, anxiety, insecurities, and much more. It brought many hidden issues to light involving mental health. Since teens were in loneliness for almost 2 years, their mental health couldn’t handle the change causing depression and mental disorders. Anxiety increased massively when teens had to go out of their house for the first time in two years after school reopened. Teens couldn’t handle this sudden change after being in loneliness, resulting in anxiety and insecurities to come out of their house. Online and virtual school also created more stress when students found out they couldn't talk to their friends in-person for a while and had to attend school from home. Life just became boring and lonely at one point for students causing them to hate life. This impact of the pandemic still follows even now even though it has been over a year since school opened.

Quotes from Teens Experiencing Mental Health Issues Caused by the Pandemic

  • “Being at home and not in person made it more difficult to manage my school work and my personal life, which brought a lot of stress and anxiety.” - Cristina Alvizo (17 yr old)

  • “I would be online for 12 hours a day. That was really difficult for me.” - Denis Alvarez (22 yr old)

  • “The uncertainty of everything. Would I have the opportunity to return to campus, or have a basketball season?” - Temi Carda (22 yr old)

  • “Doing the same repetitive tasks every day with little variation can be so boring.” - Evelyn Lund (16 yr old)

  • “I’m going to describe (the pandemic) as kind of a challenging time.” - Russell Poutasse (13 yr old)

  • “most are missing their teachers, their friends and their normal lives and a lot are frustrated about missing out on things like spring break, field trips and graduation.” - Anonymous

  • “I felt like I was trapped in my own little house and everyone was far away.” - Aya Raji (14 yr old)