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Sexual Assault, Self-Harm, Insomnia, and Pre-Menstrual Mood Disorder: A Real-Life Account

Updated: May 2, 2021



Below is a real-life account of an individual struggling with multiple mental health issues leading to self-harm and attempted suicide. We at MonuMental hope that through reading this, others experiencing similar struggles will feel less alone and perhaps be motivated to get help if they can. You can join the movement and aid us in destigmatizing mental health by clicking the #ShareYourStory link at the top of this page.

A Real-Life Account:

"Growing up I was generally a happy child and was unaware of the trauma I would later notice I obtained and mental disorders I developed as a child. Around 7-8 years old I was molested for the first time by my doctor, an old man, I thought it was procedure and I was dramatic for being so scared but it was not until 6 years later I realized that was wrong. At 10 I began having a very hard time getting to school, I cried every morning and was constantly angry at everything. By 6th grade I cried every morning and night for no apparent reason, but I figured it was a normal response to stress or life. I did not realize how severely I was struggling until I went away in the 7th grade over the summer and noticed no one else was crying every day and not sleeping. This was also around the time I began to be sexually harassed by multiple people in my school which continued until I left for high school. In 8th grade my mental state plummeted more than ever before, I became suicidal and desperate for help. I tried to tell my parents and they rejected my calls for help no matter how severe they were, with that and the stress of severe bullying I began self harming and became addicted. A month later was my first attempt at ending my life. I thought it would get better but going into high school I ended up in an abusive relationship and self-harming worse than ever before; many people were worried and the school interfered sending me to therapy and a psychiatrist. I was then diagnosed with severe depression, I began medication and ended up going through 8 medications and 4 therapists before being diagnosed with pmdd (pre-menstrual mood disorder), anxiety, and insomnia. A year ago from now I attempted for the last time and after seeing how it affected everyone around me I began throwing my life away. I relapsed, engaged in extremely impulsive dangerous activities, and gained an addiction to drugs. I thought things could not get any worse but in August I was raped 3 times, I had no idea how much it was going to effect me but it changed everything about who I thought I was. Thankfully, an amazing girl came into my life and helped me get off of drugs and clean things up for myself, she saved my life. Although I am safer now, I am no where near recovered from the trauma of the last 6 years and what happened in August above all. I am trying multiple medications, therapy, and will soon be getting tested for other mental disorders to figure out how to help me; my life has been hell but I know I am going to be okay. I hope my story can help others know they are not alone and someone out there understands them and despite all the horrible things I have been through I am still alive, and for that I am grateful."


Thank you so much for sharing! Your story shows great perseverance, and we believe you are strong enough to recover from these hardships. We believe in you and your ability to get through this! Stay positive! Readers, feel free to comment at the end of this page and give support! :) Contact us if you need anything. Don't underestimate yourself. Sending love 💓

-MonuMental Team

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