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How To Combat Loneliness

Written by Prisha Tiwari


After the Covid-19 pandemic where we all had quarantine in our houses, limit face-to-face contact with friends, and stay cooped up with online classes for months. It’s safe to say we all have suffered some degree of loneliness. Although the pandemic is over, its effects can still linger on us, and loneliness in general is something numerous people struggle with. Loneliness is a normal human emotion and it is OK to feel. However, if you feel a powerful, constant feeling of loneliness, depression, suicide, or self-harm, please do NOT hesitate to reach out to a hotline, your school administration, and staff/or a trusted adult.

Suicide and Depression Hotline -

Crisis and Self-Harm Textline -

Strategies to Cope - Recognize Your Loneliness

However, if you just need some strategies to cope, you are in the right place!

The first thing you should do is recognize your loneliness. Talking to a therapist, counselor, or loved one can be very helpful. Let someone know what you are struggling with, they can help you, or just having someone